Can an 18th century alchemist, bound to the old ways in an age of enlightenment, discover the secret of immortality before his dark, murderous past catches up with him?

The Elixir is grand Gothic tale recounting the fortunes of a true villain.

The story opens with Henrik Grubb at his desolate tower, frantically working against the clock to perfect his immortality potion before a torch wielding mob arrives to make him pay for his crimes.

For posterity, Grubb dictates his memoir to his servant, Jack, a silent, undead boy. From idealistic scholar, to murderer, grave robber, outlaw, and ultimately necromancer and practitioner of the black arts, Grubb has had quite the life.

But what is that insufferable scratching and knocking, echoing around the walls of the tower, that perpetually distracts him from his work?

Screenplay: Available

Treatment: Available

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