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Dark Matters is owned by Dark Matter Films Ltd, an independent production company based in the UK. Creators of the hit smash YouTube short STILL, Dark Matter Films aims to support  genre filmmakers around the globe bring new audiences to their work, as well as producing their own range of horrific and fantastical tales. Watch our catalogue of titles now.


As the platform grows, we intend to bring in more content a swell as supporting materials including interviews with creators, where we can share their journeys to getting their films made. 

Join us in our journey into the dark places of the universe by subscribing now!


Carl Timms - Owner 

Carl Timms is the award winning director and producer of YouTube smash horror comedy STILL and gritty post-apocalyptic thriller OFF GRID. He has over twenty years experience as an independent indie film-maker, having created a number of documentaries, short films and music videos.


Carl works as Creative Producer at a leading agency producing a huge range of corporate content. 

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