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Off Grid

A man takes to a remote hideout with his sick wife, where he battles to protect her life, and his own sanity, from supernatural enemies plaguing humanity.


After a devastating apocalypse, John Tanner survives in a remote, derelict shelter in the woods. There, he fights to protect his frail, sick wife from the Lloigor, demonically possessed people with fiery blue eyes.


The arrival of a drifter into their lives tears open old wounds and brings new revelations that threaten to tear apart the world Tanner has built for them.



All images used with permission, Strongarmphotography, 2018.

Character Bios

John Tanner - James Cosmo

John Tanner was an unremarkable, middle-class, sixty-something married man, who witnessed the world descend into chaos. When the inevitable collapse finally came, he gathered a few possessions together, and along with his wife, Grace, headed for a remote cabin in the woods.

There, he survives with Grace, away from the turmoil abroad in the world. However, agents of that destructive force, the Lloigor have discovered their sanctuary, and now try to infiltrate it, disguised as travellers, forcing John to fight to protect Grace, who has become frail and unwell. In this pursuit, he is single-minded and driven, devoted to the role.

Grace Tanner - Alison Steadman

Grace is Tanner's wife, just a couple of years younger than him. She injured her ankle in the woods, and is now bedbound and suffering with a fever.

Grace has the patience of a saint, and will do anything to support Tanner who she loves dearly, but she doesn't want to stay in the cabin. Tanner insists their only hope is to remain, whereas Grace wants to leave, so she can find other people to give her treatment for her illness and return her to health. She knows time is running out for her if she stays with Tanner, but in her weakened state, she depends on him totally.

The Stranger - Marc Baylis

The Stranger never reveals his name. He is a traditional drifter and a real outdoorsman, moving from place to place and picking up casual labour as he goes. He isn’t averse to sleeping under the stars and living off the land, but prefers a bed and a hot meal if he can get them, which is how he comes to meet Tanner.

At first Tanner believes he has found an ally in the Stranger, but then things take a turn...

Caitlin Rourke - Kate Davies-Speak

Caitlin Rourke is hiking in the woods with her husband, George. They are lost and come upon Tanner's cabin, where they are taken in and sheltered. Caitlin is physically fit, quick thinking and resourceful, but are her motives well-intentioned? Tanner suspects otherwise and when we meet Caitlin, he has reached a conclusion.

George Rourke - Francis Quigley

Caitlin's husband George can't find the way back out of the woods, after they veered off the beaten track. Or so he claimed. George comes over as confident without necessarily being competent, and it makes for a good counterpoint to Caitlin's capability. Tanner isn't fooled for one minute though.

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Key People

Pip Piper

Executive Producer

Pip has a background in professional youth and community work but has spent the last 17 years making films from education and commercial to documentary and feature film. It began with the formation of a media charity One Small Barking Dog, that set out to create with and for films for YP to explore their world.


In 2006 he set up BHM with Rob Taylor to develop larger commercial film projects.  His passion is to discover and tell compelling stories’, develop and work with great talent and to create films that communicate with impact to audiences far and wide.  Pip is also the CEO of the “Producers Forum” a member’s led film and media based organization as well as a visiting lecturer on the Film Distribution and Marketing MA at Birmingham City Universality which he helped set up in 2013

Paul David Ullah

Director of Photography

Paul David Ullah had early ambitions to be a projectionist. After studying photography at East Birmingham College he began his career in stills photography. After retraining in video production Paul helped arrange a number of workshops and training sessions in Cinematography in collaboration with the BKSTS. The classes were run by cinematographers such as Paul Beeson, Gordon Hayman, Derek Browne and two time Oscar winner Freddie Francis. In the late 90s Paul moved into TV production where his camera operating career took off. It was during this period Paul learned to edit on Media 100, Avid and Final Cut Pro. After a stint in the US working on commercials, documentaries and corporate projects he returned to his native England to work on music videos for N Dubz, Pendulum, The Stone Gods and local acts such as Misty’s Big Adventure & Dirty Old Folkers, film projects such as Faintheart, Triple Hit, Townies, Mystic Highway and a variety of corporate projects and commercials. Paul also took a year out of his schedule to realise his childhood ambition to become a projectionist before the transition to 4k digital.

Alison Solomon

Casting Director

Alison Solomon is a polymath currently freelancing as an independent Casting Director building upon over seven years experience of Casting with Birmingham Repertory Theatre. She freelances and casts mainly theatre, independent film and art film, whilst also working as an educator, consultant, dramaturg, workshop creator/leader and public speaker with clients that have included: Birmingham School of Acting, Cheltenham Everyman, Mandy (previously Casting Call Pro), Spotlight, Equity and more. Alison is also an artist, lyricist, poet and Storyteller who continues to enjoy commissions and contracts across these creative areas.

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