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Still (2017)

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A living statue entertainer is caught up in the middle of a zombie outbreak. He freezes in fear whilst everyone around him flees or dies at the hands of the attacking zombie horde. Left alone in a large open square surrounded on all sides with only his ability to stay very still to save him, he must work out a way to survive.

STILL is a multi-award winning* original comedy horror set in Birmingham, UK and is the directorial debut of writer/director Carl Timms. STILL also features special effects by the UK leading special effects make up artist, Stuart Conran (Shaun of the Dead, The Descent, The Children, Eden Lake) and stars Joe Capella, James Rowell and Rob Hall.

* Awards:

Best Zombie Film - Bloody Horror International Film Festival 2017
Best Horror/Sci-Fi - High Desert international Film Festival 2017
Best Horror- Apex Short Film and Music Video Festival 2017
Best Writing, Best Gore, Best Humour, Best Acting (Joe Capella), Best Special Effects - Independent Horror Movie Awards 2016
Best Make-Up - Birmingham Film Festival 2016

Official Selection in 25 festivals

Directed, produced and written - Carl Timms

Special effects make-up  - Stuart Conran

Director of Photography - Alan Tisch

Stills photography - Gary Lindsay-Moore

Starring: Joe Capella as the Statue, Rob Hall as Zombie Nemesis, James Rowell as Wheelbarrow Man, Jon Hickman as Bartie the Clown

Reviews of Still

A very cool premise... it's refreshing to see a different perspective on the zombie apocalypse

Doctor of the Dead Podcast

Arnold T. Blumberg

Fantastic! Great job all around!

Talking Dead Podcast

Fun and enjoyable film making with a perfect cast.

8/10 - The Rotting Dead

Definitely check it out!

8/10 -

Still brings dark humor, gore, and most importantly some originality to the zombie genre.

5/5 - Wightblood

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Set photos by Gary Lindsay-Moore Photography

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