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Chained Keep Us Together - Dark Matters launches new podcast collaboration

Announcing a new collaboration for Dark Matters! We have teamed up with Jack Morgan of Jacked In Movies to launch a brand new movie review podcast CHAINED.

The concept of the show is a twist on the Six Degrees Of... format. We have always been intrigued by the way the worlds of actors, and genre actors in particular, link and cross over. We wanted to see just how long we could keep a chain going whilst at the same time having an excuse to discuss some great movies.

The format will be a What We've Been Watching section, followed by a featured review and then a discussion of the linking actor. Each episode either Carl or Jack will pick a movie starring an actor that links one week's film to the next. The chain begins with the classic An American Werewolf in London and the gorgeous Jenny Agutter as our featured first link. Where the chain goes from there? Ah, you will have to find out!

Episode 1 launched in March 2024, episodes will launch monthly initially. Watch episode 1 below in full, you can also subscribe to Chained on Spotify.

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